1. toby more

    I still have my seti@home screensaver installed. I like looking at the graphs. 🙂 but now it won’t even download information so perhaps time to move on. i’m kinda sad.

    • I hear you Toby. I’m heartbroken. I was involved with SETI@Home from the beginning and it was one of my favorite projects.
      Hey. One day it will be back. Too much sky to search.

      Carl Kruse

  2. Rosey is Here

    I made a comment in your other post, but I wanted to chime in again that I believe that Rosetta@Home is one of the granddaddies (grandladies?) of distributed computing having started before SETI@Home. Of course, this isn’t a competition or anything like that, but wanted to mention this to give a touch more cred to good ol’ Rosetta, which by the way I have been participating in for about 5 years. Such good stuff.

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Rosey and for your comments here and in the other posts.

      Alas, it was SETI@Home that was first, beginning in 1999, while Rosetta started in 2005. But as you mention, this isn’t a competition. 🙂 Two great projects. But let’s give credit where credit is due – SETI@Home was a first among distributed computing networks and paved the way for everyone else.

    • Good heavens. So many great BOINC projects. Unfortunately I can only deploy one at a time and have shifted from SETI over to Rosetta.

      But I know people who have extra old laptops lying around that deploy them as standalone BOINC distributed computing machines.

      Carl Kruse

  3. mtgox survivor

    Had a soft spot in my heart for the SETI screensaver. Heartbreaking they don’t have the funds to continue running it and examining the data at the same time.

  4. Tiburcio

    I miss the sense of high purpose (and fun) of having the Seti screen saver working on my computer in the background helping in the search for ET.

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