1. Rosey is Here

    You know, I think Rosetta was doing distributed computing before SETI, not 100% sure but I think so. SETI@Home of course blew BOINC up but I suspect Rosetta was actually there beforehand. Check it out.

  2. Amy G

    Just saw you tweet about Rosetta and stopped by to check out what you wrote about it. Super cool project and I’m about to download the BOINC software and see what’s happening. Cheers.

    • Amy thanks for stopping by and do check out Rosetta – doing so much goodness. I noticed you posted a thoughtful comment on my other blog, and thank you also for that.
      Hoping all good, good, good during these times.

      Carl Kruse

  3. Dr. No

    A touch late here but I have installed Rosetta and have two projects running on it during my laptop’s down time.

    • Ah yes indeed. And by highlighting Rosetta I meant in no way to diss the other worthy projects. It was just one project I liked and went with.
      Though I do like many others, including Cosmology@home.

      Carl Kruse

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