Princeton University Global Forum in Berlin

Upcoming Princeton Forum In Berlin By Carl Kruse On March 20-21, 2017 the  Princeton University Global Forum presents in Berlin: “SOCIETY 3.0+: CAN LIBERTY SURVIVE THE DIGITAL AGE?” Presentations: Vinton Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google Christopher Eisgruber, President, Princeton University Brad Smith, President, Microsoft Neelie Kroes, Member of the Board, Salesforce Roger Dingledine, Project Leader, … [Read more…]

Poems – Carl Kruse Dot Org

Carl Kruse is taking a break.  This is from the Carl Kruse Dot Org archival clutter. During the summer of 1988 Tammy Kaup shared a short poem by Roger Shattuck which has stayed with me all this time, at times being more salient, only to fade away and then later reappear.  As 2016 begins this … [Read more…]

To Martin Luther King From Carl Kruse Dot Org

Carl Kruse is on break.  This is a guest post from Brent Harrison. Some time ago I got together with a friend on Martin Luther King Day and to honor the man we read together his “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” in which King answered his critics who called his activities “untimely and unwise” with … [Read more…]