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So there’s this guy I’ve always thought,
must surely be enlightened.
He’s never mad, rarely sad,
and never ever frightened.
But if I bring it up he laughs,
and claims it’s not the case.
“I don’t know what that means,” he says.
“I just know what it takes,
“for me to find real peace of mind.
I just have to surrender,
all my notions of myself.
It helps when I remember,
“that suffering’s hardly possible,
when there’s no thought of ME.
and Illness always starts with I
like WEllness starts with WE.
“Forget the ME. That’s all it takes.
Stop living in the mirror.”
He may not be enlightened,
but he sure made things much clearer.

How u feelin’?” asked my friend,
and smugly, I replied,
“So good about myself sometimes,
that I feel like I’m high.”
“Funny you should say that,”
he said with some concern.
“‘cuz feeling good about yourself
IS, like a drug I’ve learned.”
“That’s right,” I said, “a healthy drug,
that’s legal, safe and pure.
I highly recommend it as
the perfect mental cure.”
“Not so fast,” my friend butt in,
“you’re on a slippery slope.
It’s shaky ground, I’ve always found,
a habit worse than dope.
“Not just because it’s fleeting, and
you’ll never get enough,
and a fix is hard to find
sometimes when things get rough,
it’s what you’ll miss while looking for
the things that make you great,
that makes self satisfaction
such a dangerous mental state.”
“Is that all, Mr. Know it all?
Sorry, tryin’ to help.
If feeling good’s not good, you should
feel bad about yourself.”
“Of the two I think that you’d
find good’s indeed the worst.
But any thoughts of self will always
leave your soul to thirst,
“for all that’s missing from your life.
Don’t focus on the self.
What you’ll gain is everything,
and everybody else.”

I met a pilgrim working hard
to find the true religion.
I said, “That’s odd. A quest for GOD?
Why search for what’s not missin’?”
“Where is he then?” asked my new friend,
“I need to ask some questions.”
I said “Why HE, not She or WE,
right here teaching lessons?”
He smirked a bit at this and said,
“Is GOD then gender fluid?
Perhaps the Pagans had it right?
the Vikings or the Druids?”
“It could” I said “Go to your head
but what if God is you,
right there behind your searching mind
in everything you do,
in every single soul you meet
in rocks and birds and trees?
What if ‘Our Father who art in heaven’
is everything you see?

Modern physics now can prove,
what eastern mystics claim,
that we, the birds, the rocks and trees,
are somehow all the same.
This doesn’t make much sense to us.
Our separateness seems real,
since ever since we’ve walked and talked
that’s been the way we feel.
But it’s mathematic certainty,
with no room left for doubt.
The fabric of reality,
is connected all throughout.
Everything that is, is there,
in what you think’s just you.
Behind your mind is all that was,
and all that will be too.
Our wrongful sense of separate selves,
creates all our confusion.
The universe is one same soul.
All else is illusion.

While thinking on my daily fears,
I had the revelation,
that every single one of them,
was just my mind’s creation.
And following this train of thought,
I couldn’t help but find,
that evil, also, can’t survive,
where thoughts are not unkind.
It came to me, that thought’s the key
to everything that matters.
Thoughts can make a heaven on earth,
or lives destroyed and shattered.
Some strong, and ancient medicines,
can help our thoughts. I’ve tried them.
Ayahuasca, (DMT)
San Pedro, Psilocybin.
But medicines just point the way.
The journey’s not quite real,
until your mind can drive you there,
with you behind the wheel.
And when you’re in the driver’s seat,
you never have to leave,
the most exquisite paradise,
that your thoughts can conceive.

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