1. Johannes

    Hey Carl Kruse. Good to see you writing about some of these groups. I’m assuming you’re just writing first and then will organize into a good-looking blog later? In any case looking forward to learning about some of the nonprofits you like. I’m looking more into the SETI Institute and RMI.

    All the best,

  2. Marty

    Carl, are you still involved with SoBe Arts? I’m assuming it’s cool just to reach out to them and see what they are up to and if they could use a hand?


  3. Marty, I am no longer involved due to other commitments but I like the organization and wish it well. You can look up their website and call or contact Dr. Carson Kievman, who runs Sobe Arts. If you do reach out to him, please send him my regards.

    Carl Kruse

  4. With great sadness I report that Carson Kievman, the founder, director and spirit of Sobe Arts recently passed away. He was a great composer and educator and I learned much about music and life from him. He will be missed.

    Carl Kruse

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