1. Responsible Charity deserves an even closer look now that Mother Teresa, who it seems few knew operated such a sham of an organization in Kolkata, is about to be sanctified by the Vatican. Responsible Charity, which sprung from the founder’s shock and dismay at Mother Theresa’s organization, is doing so much with so little to positively change the lives of those living in the slums of Kolkota.

    Carl Kruse

  2. Jorginho Kid

    Humanist, secular and by the looks of what they’re disclosing putting money to good use. Thanks for the heads up Kruse. Hoping you’re good and wishing Responsible Charity well.

    The Kid

  3. Yes sir Kid, Responsible Charity is a humanist and secular organization. It runs on a small budget and funds are meticulously accounted for. From my personal experience I can say that money given to Responsible Charity has a many-fold return in improving the lives of the people who live in slums in India. Please take a closer look at them and consider helping them help those less fortunate than us.

    Thanks for the warm wishes and also hoping you are well.

    Carl Kruse

  4. Rex

    So cool what they are doing. By the way was the organization Mr. Gonzalez volunteered with in Calcutta happen to be Mother Theresa’s charity? Curious because I have know one other person who volunteered there who was highly highly disappointed.

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