Poems – Carl Kruse Dot Org

Carl Kruse is taking a break.  This is from the Carl Kruse Dot Org archival clutter. During the summer of 1988 Tammy Kaup shared a short poem by Roger Shattuck which has stayed with me all this time, at times being more salient, only to fade away and then later reappear.  As 2016 begins this … [Read more…]

To Martin Luther King From Carl Kruse Dot Org

Carl Kruse is on break.  This is a guest post from Brent Harrison. Some time ago I got together with a friend on Martin Luther King Day and to honor the man we read together his “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” in which King answered his critics who called his activities “untimely and unwise” with … [Read more…]

Happy Winter Solstice

Since before anyone kept records we have been celebrating Winter Solstice, the shortest day (and longest night) of the year. In prehistoric times people were afraid the sun would not return and performed elaborate rituals to encourage it back. In Roman times Saturnalia took place around December 25th, the date of the solstice in the … [Read more…]